grey slippers

There are many, many women out there just like me; better, smarter, more effective but still just like me… Successful women who found their self-esteem/self-respect and were able to leverage it for their own attainment.

These women are also like me fashioning “overcast” hair or they have kept their colorists engaged to stall the dreaded so often dreary gray hair. They are over 60 with a great deal to offer.

It’s hard for young people to take older women seriously if they look like their grandmothers or aunts or mothers. Depending on the family dynamic the grandmothers did not work outside the home or they were always in the background or some other stereotype.

This female demographic has been disappearing for years. I know this sounds very judgmental & is a gross generalization BUT I also think that it is also truer then we would like to admit.

The same male demographic suffers from some of the same BUT it is predominantly seen/labeled as distinguished and is very still welcome to take most any seat at the table.

This blog is not a bitch session or a place to whine and complain but rather to empower my colleagues to take back their seat at the table and to mentor younger women so that we can transform the Invisible Brain Trust* into a prestigious club.

*("Brain Trust" was the name given to a group of diverse academics who served as advisers to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the early period of his tenure. The group acted as an informal Cabinet.)