It all started when…

I just wanted to invest my time, talent and money with other women.  I had been the only woman for way too long. I was sure it was time to have an all women angel investment group. Boy, was I surprised & disappointed when I found out I was too early, too soon or too naive for my dream to empower women by investing. That was 19 years ago!!!!

When I returned to RTP in 2017 I began to wonder if now was the right time or had we actually gone backwards in the past few years? I decided that there was only one way to find out and that was to try it again and to gather a posse of like-minded women to join me. So that’s exactly what I did.

The glass ceiling has shattered.  It’s time to change the narrative… It’s time to rise.

We are an early stage angel investment network supporting women entrepreneurs.  We are a collective made up entirely of women.  Our mission is to discover and fund North Carolina’s most promising women business leaders and mentor them as they create successful companies while building a thriving women founder-investor ecosystem in the state.  We aspire to become one of the most active venture networks backing female entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

xElle debuts as North Carolina’s Only For Women, By Women Angel Network

xElle’s charter network is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina with established female founders, investors and executives across several industries and disciplines.

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