When a woman is not “polite” is it reasonable to call her a “bitch”? In my experience when you hear about women who are outspoken, assertive, aggressive, driven etc. they are often referred to as “that bitch” or she’s such a “bitch”.

I have worn that Bitch label hundreds of times over the years and sometimes it made me angry,  it sometimes hurt my feelings and then I finally I decided I was a Bitch and proud of it … BUT the difference is I developed my own acronym for BITCH:







Words/labels have such power and we all know that women and men are labeled differently. Here are two examples:

  • Out spoken strong Women = Bitch

  • Out spoken strong Men = Bold

  • Gray haired Women = Dumpy

  • Gray haired Men = Distinguished

So rather than moan about how unfair this is or let these labels define us, lets redefine them:

So DUMPY is now: Dynamic Unique Mature Proud Yeasty

Maybe Polite is really:Paranoid Offensive Loathsome Irresponsible Thoughtless Egotistical

My point is women need to understand the power of words/labels and how we react to them. So put that Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Compassionate and Heroic brain to work on redefining those negative words and labels to what works for you.

You are what you eat and you are what you think about yourself.!!!!