Power of Collaboration


Over the course of my career, I have come to love the collaboration process. I cannot express how much I value and appreciate the input of others. Why? I look at projects, as a harmony of different ideas, skill sets and talents to bring together one perfect piece of music, project, business or life.

Collaboration can seriously contribute to success because it lets you to have a much fuller view of your project. It keeps you from hiding under or behind the things you don’t understand or cannot figure out. It also forces you to take in other perspectives, which often reveals truth beneath the shiny surface. Most importantly, collaboration keeps you from having a myopic view of one tiny aspect.  Rather than see one tree in the landscape, collaboration allows you to see the whole forest.

As with most things there are nuances to be aware of when you seek collaboration.

You must be open and willing to actually hear everyone’s input. You really have to listen and almost remove yourself so you don’t see the input as criticism or take it personally. This isn’t about you; this is about the success of your project and you have to be open to new ideas and ugly truths.  The ability to hear the questions, the objections and the complimentary ideas and process that information is invaluable.

Collaboration contributes and feeds into the decision making process, but at some point someone has to take charge to get things accomplished. So, if it is your project, it is your decision. Full stop.