Busy is the New Stupid

woman busy

“Busy is the new Stupid,” said Warren Buffet in a conversation with Bill Gates about time. Being crazy busy has become a badge of honor and a message to your colleagues and friends that you must be very, very successful.  WRONG!!!!

As successful people, we generally have the ability to control our time, yet we fill it with endless meetings, conferences and lunches that leave NO time to THINK!  So, is that Stupid? 

Yes, it really is stupid not to leave time to think. We do it out of habit as we try to accommodate others while not wanting to miss out on life. The instant world we live in all contributes to being Busy with a capital B. When we’re asked how it’s going, we say “I am so slammed” or “I am so crazy busy,” and its mostly true.  What if we were NOT booked from morning until night… then what would our answer be?

If we were intentional with our time, we could honestly say, “I am great! I have changed my approach to how I use my time and now I make appointments with myself to read, think, or to just be quiet to refresh. I am so much more productive it’s really amazing!  You should try it too.”

Will your colleagues get frustrated because they want to meet on Wednesdays at 10 am, but you can’t because Wednesday mornings are your sacred time? Probably, but they will adjust.

Not having time to actually think about an issue, challenge, or opportunity is a serious misstep on our path to success. Clearing your mind of the clutter is hard enough and it’s quadrupled when other people, ideas and things constantly stimulate you.

Managing our time is not easy but consistently blocking time for your self and not canceling it when something that looks better comes along, is really an essential secret to success. Time is our most precious commodity! 

Check out Warren Buffet & Bill Gates exchange about time :https://youtu.be/nH5K0yo-o1A