Robbie Hardy knows how to navigate through the maze of the entrepreneurial journey -- and she wants to help you do it too. She can guide you through the highs and lows, from your first sale to your first major mistake. She gets it because she’s been there.

A New Englander by birth, an “entrepreneurologist” by trade,  Robbie Hardy is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with extensive startup and board experience. She’s climbed the corporate ladder, developed corporate strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and worked as a strategic consultant with the Kauffman Foundation. She started and grew companies of her own, and cultivated her passion as a CEO.

Now she works to coach and mentor others, whether that’s writing books, developing entrepreneurial education materials and programs or developing Angel funds, Robbie wants to help give new entrepreneurs a leg up.

Robbie understands the art, execution and results required to have an idea and then make it a company. She has seen lots of potentially great ideas fizzle due to lack of planning and execution.

Robbie provides guidance to developing entrepreneurial interests as well as exit strategy counsel to mature, successful ventures.

Her business experiences range from corporate strategies for Fortune 500 companies to founding, building, running and successfully exiting various technology businesses, as well as raising  & managing an angel fund.

She’s passionate about empowering women in their careers. In her book, “Upsetting the Table,” Robbie aims to help connect women with a strong role model to help them succeed, especially as they launch their career.

Women who have overcome obstacles such as sexism, workplace politics, and self-doubt can and should play a role in helping other women succeed, Robbie says in her new book.

Robbie now spends her time providing guidance to entrepreneurs and counseling business owners on exit strategies for mature, successful ventures.

Now she wants to help you reach your goals / turn your dreams into reality/help you navigate the process.