Hi there! My name is Robbie Hardy and I’d like to cordially invite you to join me and other female professionals for Empowering Women Together; a once a month gathering geared towards connection, encouragement and empowerment. It’s so important that we as women encourage and support one another, in business goals and in our dreams for the future.

Each gathering will have a panel of women with varying backgrounds and expertise, prepared to tackle a targeted subject. They will share their advice and support on a central theme, as well as some of the hard lessons we have earned. The gathering will then be opened up to interactive discussion.

This program is for ambitious women who want to invest in themselves and others. If you’re looking for a community of strong, successful and confident professional women, come grow with us. Together, we’ll learn how to live and lead to our fullest potential. 

There is no cost for this event but RSVP is required so we can ensure adequate seating.


August 21st

Success is by no means a linear path. It’s paved in bold moves and big risks that don’t always turn out. In this session we’ll hear how great ideas can go terribly wrong — and why past failures makes success so sweet. Come prepared to laugh and learn.

About our August Speakers

Our speakers/panelists are strong successful confident women; they are scientists, lawyers, technologists, corporate execs, business leaders, and the list goes on. These women are paying it forward by sharing the secrets to their success and the lessons they earned along the way. Click the RED name above or below the image to connect with our speakers on LinkedIn!

Shawn Ramsey  Jennifer Turnage Amy Linnane  Anna Tharington  Deborah Hylton 

EWT august pannelists

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September 18

Visualizing success means knowing what you want. And that’s half the battle! Once you know where you’re going, you’ve got to stay motivated. That’s where small wins make all the difference. In this session we’ll learn how to adopt a new mindset that allows us to see progress in every day.


October 16th

Success is the product of deliberate daily action. But getting things done isn't always easy! You've got distractions to dodge and priorities to juggle. Join us to discover tried and true productivity tips for achieving your most audacious goals.


November 16th

Don't be fooled by the goofy name tags! Networking is a powerful tool -- but it requires the right mindset. If you come prepared to help others, you won't just make connections, you'll earn their respect. Let's explore how connections make careers.

December (no session)

Now, Get Out There

December is the best time to build relationship! Sure, we're all busy. But this month is a great time to get out there -- to network and make merry. Team up or go alone. Here's our list of the best places to be this holiday season. 


January 15th

Kick off the new year in good company! The path to success starts with internalizing this powerful message: You Are Enough. Let's discuss personal breakthroughs and having what it takes to make good on your dreams.

Additional Details

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 9:30 am-12pm

Meetings will be held at First Flight Venture Center

2 Davis Dr, Durham, NC 27709