Upsetting the Table

Why do women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes?

Why do women represent 40% of the global workforce but hold less than 15% of corporate executive positions?

How should we be addressing these inequalities?

Robbie Hardy’s book, “Upsetting the Table: Women Mentoring Women” is based on years’ worth of hard-knock lessons she earned during her career as an entrepreneur. 

In the book, Hardy tells the story of a young, inexperienced product manager who pairs up with a strong, experienced mentor. As she progresses in her career, she faces many hurdles -- from double standards, to sexism, to self-doubt. She uses her mentor’s advice of to navigate these pitfalls and hurdles in her own way, forwarding her career and gaining greater perspective on success. Readers can apply these lessons in their own lives, as well as appreciate the value of one-on-one mentorship and the power of the “girls club.” 

Robbie also shares stories of women who have battled against the odds to achieve success in both their professional and personal lives.

The odds are formidable. According to Hardy:

  • Women are paid 77% of what a man is paid for the same job

  • Less than 1/3 of young businesswomen are offered any sort of formal mentorship program

  • Women represent 40% of the global workforce but hold less than 15% of corporate executive positions

Through mentoring, women executives have the opportunity to pass on their experiences and lift others up.

“A mentor increases confidence, teaches how to speak up and be heard, instructs how to take control of one’s career and provides important networking contacts,” says Robbie.

Robbie has helped countless women tackle challenges in their careers. In “Upsetting the Table,” she crafts a powerful fable for women to help them see how hard earned lessons can help propel them forward in their careers. 

This book is for women -- to empower and encourage them. This book is for men -- to help them understand the struggles women in business face everyday.

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In Upsetting the Table, entrepreneur and women’s business advocate Robbie Hardy helps empower young businesswomen to excel and take their seat at the table, with equal pay and respect.

Based on years of hard-knock experiences during her successful career, Hardy weaves invaluable lessons about the mentorship of women, by women, in the workplace. She provides valuable and actionable insights that can be easily implemented.

The book tells the story of Jessica, a young, inexperienced product manager.  She meets Liz, a seasoned executive who becomes her mentor – sharing lessons and offering advice.  As Jessica’s career progresses, she faces many hurdles that readers themselves are facing. She uses the advice and encouragement of her mentor to navigate the pitfalls and hurdles that arise, moving her career forward and gaining a greater perspective on what success should feel like. Readers will value the lessons, as well as appreciate the importance of one-on-one mentorship and the power of the “girls club.”

Hardy has helped countless women tackle challenges in their careers. With Upsetting the Table, she has created a powerful fable that will show readers how the advice given to Jessica may be applied to their lives and their careers.